Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Monday, March 30, 2009

I know you're out there somewhere!

I made this blog for you Ms.Campbell you are the best 3rd grade teacher in the world. I know you'll end up reading this somehow. I couldn't have had a better teacher! If I had a different teacher I wouldn't have this blog!

how could I ever forget that sweetie

"And canter,"my riding teacher said. I gave Beanie (who I thought was th e best pony ever) a small kick and we were off. It was like a horse race but with a pony. Beanie was fast, sweet, and smooth! I couldn't beliv e my luck! I wanted to buy him even if he wasn't for sale. "And walk" Ms. Tammy said. I gave a slight pull on the reins and we were walking again. I din't have to pull so hard that the pony made me lean over his neck. I had never ever riden a pony this sweet! I mean Marcus makes you pull so hard you lean over even going from a trot to a walk. As I walked Mr. sweetie in to the middle Ms Tammy said"back to the rail. Let's go the other direction." I pulled the left rien and that speedy pony turned to the rail right away. And I kept on the rail at the trot. "And canter!" said Ms. Tammy. One more light kick and we were off. "He goes both ways like a dream" I thought. "Eyes up Cece!" Ms. Tammy said. I looked forward and kept going. "And walk." Ms. Tammy said. One slight pull and we were walking again.
It had been the best riding lesson I had ever attended. Afterward I figured out Beanie was for Sale!